Directors of the Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce had a chance to meet with the Minister of Employment Arto Satonen during his visit in Canada late February.
Some of the key discussion points included:
Sustainable Technology Collaboration: Highlighting the discussion on Canada’s need for Finnish sustainable technology, with an emphasis on CO2 reduction, energy, and water savings. This point showcases Finland’s leadership in environmental technology and the potential for collaborative innovation between the two countries.
Homelessness and Housing Policy: Sharing insights from the discussion on Finland’s approach to homelessness, emphasizing the “Housing First” strategy, which prioritizes providing homes to the homeless before addressing social or health problems. This can serve as a model for addressing homelessness and housing issues globally.
International Business Strategy: Concluding with the Minister’s emphasis on the importance of Finland increasing business cooperation with North America, using Canada as a gateway to the larger U.S. market.
Employment and Youth Mobility: All parties praised the opportunities the youth mobility programs offer for young professionals between 18-35 years of age.

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