Spacent Canada’s Hybrid Workplace Platform Launches in the GTA

The Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a new benefit of membership.

Analytics on Spacent website on laptop and mobile appWe have arranged for Spacent Canada Inc., headquartered in Helsinki, to offer a special discount from its normal monthly membership fees, available only to the CFCC community.

Spacent will provide you and your employee colleagues with access to a network of work and meeting venues located both in downtown Toronto and throughout several suburban commuter communities. After reviewing the features of their locations, you can book a desk, project space or meeting room through Spacent’s easy to use mobile app.  This provides employees with a ‘third place’ to work from, located close to where they live, complementing the home (where occasional distractions may impede productivity) and an often distant corporate office.

For the first year, Chamber members can take advantage of our affinity arrangement for $300 monthly – a 25% discount from to Spacent’s normal $400 fee.  Each membership provides up to five employees with access to local workspaces to work from at no additional charge.  In addition, meeting and project rooms may be reserved on its mobile app at the posted hourly and daily rates.

To take advantage of this special one-time offer, which expires September 30th, please contact Spacent Canada’s head George Horhota at (416) 357-9788 or by emailing george.horhota@spacent.com.

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