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As people, we are both rational and emotional beings. And both of these traits come into play when we make decisions in our life and for our businesses. When it comes to the Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce each of these can be satisfied. The rational side benefits because CFCC keeps us engaged with Canada-Finland trade and business issues (such as CETA). It educates us on important innovation trends (Google, Automation, and IoT). And it demonstrates excellent business practices (Lumon). CFCC also provides a forum to make important new connections (Golf Tournament + Gatherings) in social settings. The emotional side is satisfied because our community provides enjoyable opportunities to connect and mingle (Xmas and every event) with people who have Finnish roots or are attached to Finland or Europe.

Canada and Finland are both actively looking to find new business relationships. The current political developments could very well result in even bigger trade opportunities between Canada and the EU (CETA), including Finland. The CFCC wants to stay on top of this development and convey all emerging opportunities to add value to its members.

Canada and Finland, have both celebrated a milestone of independence. The two countries each rank at the very top of any rating of success and happiness. Both countries share many common values and perspectives. They also share economical activities which can form a basis for deeper cooperation in the future.

While our membership is at healthy levels, we are excited to get new members and reconnect with the current ones. The relevance and performance of the CFCC is directly tied to the memberships. Therefore, the more members who renew and encourage new members to join in, the better we can serve each member of the CFCC. We have many new programs in 2018, so be sure to talk to your connections who might be interested in becoming part of our community.

As always, please be in touch for comments and suggestions; and be an active member.


Lauri Asikainen

Lauri Asikainen

Lauri Asikainen

President of the Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce

Strategy and Leadership Development Coach

CTT Consulting

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