Pohjaranta Oy

Pohjaranta Oy supplies the food and pharmaceutical industry with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly box washing lines that improve productivity and efficiency. From us you can get box washing lines based on modular blocks, or solutions tailored to special needs and spaces.

We know most of the washing needs of the food industry and have ready-made solutions for them. Our experienced designers find solutions for even more special washing needs or the customer’s existing operating environment. Our new washing lines use less energy and detergents than before, and their water consumption is minimized.

We have long experience in designing and implementing box handling for the food industry. If necessary, our washing lines also include box handling solutions: e.g. stack conveyors, roof tracks, stackers and stack unloaders. We make the necessary layout plans and deliver washing lines with conveyors and processing equipment according to needs. Our box handling solutions optimize the handling, transfer and storage of our customers’ boxes and improve productivity. The desired number of clean and dry boxes in the right place, when they are needed.

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