CFCC 2019-2020 Board Meeting

From Left: Marika Arovuo, Marianne Mannerheim, Johanna Tarvainen-Lee, Ritva Nosov, Tuula M. Kivinen CCM, Marco Beretta, Eero Laakso, and Lauri Asikainen

The CFCC’s Board kicked off its 2019-2020 term with an in-person meeting on 27 May 2019. Besides welcoming a new Board member, new board positions were elected. Marika Arovuo will start as new President, Lauri Asikainen as Vice-President. Ritva Nosov was elected as a new Secretary and Bawani Thayalan will continue as Treasurer.

The board discussed lessons learned from the 2019 events held, looked ahead to possible events for the upcoming term, and decided to set up a sub-committee to examine how CFCC’s current by-laws need to be updated.

There was much enthusiasm for the success of the past year’s events and strong optimism for expanding CFCC’s presence and impact over the coming year.