On November 8, CFCC organized an event with the theme “Empowering Wisdom: Navigating the Future of Work with Senior Expertise.” In an era where the future of work is rapidly evolving, and societies are aging fast, senior expertise represents a treasure trove of wisdom waiting to be tapped.

The event featured a panel discussion that delved into various aspects of this issue, aiming to uncover strategies and solutions for effectively integrating senior expertise into the modern workforce. The event was highly insightful, exploring the critical topic of harnessing the vast reservoir of knowledge and experience offered by senior experts in the rapidly evolving landscape of the future workplace. We were fortunate to have an array of amazing expert speakers whose insights enriched the discussions and provided valuable perspectives on such a significant and timely topic.

The vibrant panel discussion highlighted concrete ways to bring about positive change by focusing on several key areas. Firstly, there is a need to shift our mindset regarding how we think about senior employees in the latter part of their careers. Then, we need to develop a corporate culture that encourages open discussion about retirement and related topics. Lastly, we must be creative in designing organizational structures to enable greater flexibility in workplaces.

The audience remained highly engaged throughout the event, actively participating in discussions. The networking segment was particularly vibrant, with attendees continuing insightful conversations, fostering connections, and exchanging ideas.

We express our deepest gratitude to our cooperation partners, Miller Thomson, for providing the venue and sponsoring soft drinks, and DSV for sponsoring beer. Participants were treated to delectable cuisine by Chef Charleston from What’s Good Wellness, adding a delightful touch to the evening.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to our specialist speakers and moderator for sharing their valuable insights.

One of our panelists, Antti Harjuoja, is the founder of the pioneering company in this field, Nextmile, which announced strategic cooperation during the event. Read more: https://nextmile.fi/press-release-nov-2023

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