Entrepeneur of the year Ville Masalin receiving the trophy from the President of Osuuspankki Finnish Credit Union Antero Elo.

The Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce community held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 9th, 2024, at the BLG offices in Toronto.

Despite the often boring reputation of AGMs, this event was anything but! Many new corporate and individual members joined, bringing a promising energy for the upcoming year.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to get together, and all participants had a fantastic time. The AGM was quick and efficient thanks to our seasoned Chair, Antero Elo.

Following the AGM, we celebrated the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by Osuuspankki Finnish Credit Union to Law Practitioner Ville Masalin. We also had the pleasure of being introduced to the new Senior Advisor, Lori Woloshyn, who joined Business Finland six months ago.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Jacques Darche and the BLG team in Toronto for welcoming us and sponsoring the drinks for the event.

New board

Board members from the left: Auli Rasanen, Aditya Poudyal, Marika Arovuo, Jacques S. Darche, Marianne Mannerheim,  Victor Silvestrin-Racine,  Amanda Rissanen, Miikka Huomo, and Bawani Thayalan

Missing from the photo: Marco Beretta, and Antti Harjuoja

All members received their membership certificates during the event and new Business members were introduced. Among them was Elomatic, whose representative Aditya Poudyal was there to receive their member certificate.

Food was amazingly delicious, thanks to What’s Good Wellness, who catered the event.

The CFCC, if you are not familiar, is a Networking Community dedicated to creating an environment to benefit Canadian and Finnish business relationships. Members enjoy fun social events, business building education, and make valuable professional connections.

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