Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President Lauri Asikainen had the honor of meeting with the current and past Ambassadors of Finland to Canada at the Annual Meet and Greet in Helsinki in August. The event was organized by the Finnish-Canadian Business Club with Chair Kristen Sweet and several Canadian board members.

The Meet and Greet included a discussion of the business environment in Canada at present as well as the opportunities for Finnish companies in the country.

Some of the noteworthy news at the event include the opening of the Business Finland office in Toronto, as well as the presence of new Honorary Consuls and the plans to activate these resource more.

Lauri Meeting Ambassadors in Finland. Annual Meet and Greet with H.E. Ambassador of Finland to Canada. Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce

Picture from left to right: Current H.E. Ambassador Roy Eriksson, CFCC Vice President Lauri Asikainen, and past H.E. Ambassador Vesa Lehtonen.

The current Ambassador of Canada to Finland also emphasized the opportunities in innovation partnerships between the two countries. Canada not only has substantial funds to support innovation, but they also have a well-developed venture capital culture. Meanwhile, Finland continues to focus on bio, green, and mining, as well as their expertise in artificial intelligence and circular economy solutions.

Finland also has a strong focus on carbon reduction and sustainable practices, particularly in climate-smart forestry, housing, and energy resources, among others. The focus is less so in Canada but change is on the horizon. Lastly, both countries prefer multilateral agreements and rules-based practices.